15 Winning Cardplay Techniques

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Author: David Bird and Tim Bourke

15 Winning Cardplay Techniques is the winner of the 2013 Intermediate-Advanced ABTA Book Award! Two of the world's best bridge writers have produced a fine summary of fifteen play techniques.&nbsp Tim Bourke's elegant and instructive deals illustrate the many variations of each technique.&nbsp Everything is explained by David Bird with the clarity and lean writing style for which he is well known.

Your dummy play needs improving right?&nbsp You would like a few new tricks up your sleeve?&nbsp This is the book for you.&nbsp You will find the reading experience enjoyable and illuminating.

Paperback: 200 pages: 2012

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Contents:


  1. Avoiding a Trump Promotion
  2. Safety Plays in a Single Suit
  3. Techniques in Establishing a Suit
  4. The Intra-finesse
  5. Unblocking Plays
  6. Avoidance Plays at Trick One
  7. Advances Ruffing Plays
  8. Loser-on-loser Play
  9. Retaining Trump Control
  10. The Ruffing Finesse
  11. Extra Chance Play
  12. Advanced Ducking Plays
  13. The Scissors Coup
  14. Stripping the Last Exit Card
  15. Morton's Fork