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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
Marty's audio visual format significantly enhances your learning experience:

  • The combination of voice and visual effects makes it easier to understand what Marty is teaching.
  • The lesson is interactive, so students "learn by doing."
  • You can proceed at your own pace.
  • You can play and replay all or some of the lesson whenever you choose as many times as you like.
  • The lesson includes a written transcript for you to study. The transcript format has been improved for increased readability.
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  • The lesson contains several hours of extensive material.
  • The lesson is designed to work on most popular computers and browsers, including Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Sometimes the opponents first few bids make it clear that they have the balance of power. Meanwhile you have a weak or mediocre hand. When that scenario occurs, how do you react?
Some players reach into their bidding box for a lot of green pass cards, and in effect announce, "wake me when it's over." They are totally at the mercy of the opponents, and are resigned to hoping that the opponents will fail to arrive at their best contract.
No thanks! That laid-back, "I'll take a nap and hope they screw up" approach does NOT appeal to me. When my side has the good cards, I much prefer that the opponents stay out of my way. Therefore, when the other side has the good cards, even though I have a weak hand, I strive to "give them hell."
For some players, bidding without many points is out of the question. If that is how you feel, this lesson is NOT for you. But if YOU like to do well and want to be regarded as an opponent who must be respected and even feared, you definitely should keep reading.
In this lesson, Marty will show you how to safely interfere with certain opposing auctions where you have rarely (if ever) been competitive in the past. In particular, he will demonstrate how to effectively disrupt your opponents AND enable your partner to make the best opening lead on ALL of the following auctions:

  • An opponent opens with a strong 2&clubs bid
  • Their Jacoby 2NT auction
  • Their 2/1 game forcing auction
  • Their Inverted Minor raise to two
  • Your RHO's Stayman response to 1NT
  • An opponent opens with a Precision 1&clubs
  • Your LHO opens, your partner doubles, and your RHO redoubles.

The topics Marty will cover include:

  • Why after this lesson you too will be preaching the virtues of "WOW-BASH"!
  • How to identify the auctions that lend themselves to frisky interference
  • Which overcalls are the most effective for your side
  • What actions are the most likely to cause the opponents to go astray
  • Why you should be ecstatic when your RHO redoubles partner's takeout double
  • How you can MAKE SURE that your partner will make the best opening lead
  • Why favorable vulnerability is "a license to steal"
  • The best conventions to use when the opponents are strong

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