A Taste of Bridge

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Author: Jeff Bayone
Critics' Viewpoint

There are plenty of bridge books on the market which largely discuss strategy and playing approaches for those who already have the basics of the game well in hand but A Taste of Bridge is different, appealing to the bare-bones newcomer with no prior familiarity with the game. What sets this apart from other introductions is its process of synthesizing bridge into six easy lessons, which were developed and tested on thousands of students at the nation's largest bridge club. From this, potential players should discern that their first venture into the world of bridge will be easier than with other guides. Unlike competitors, it's a beginner's course that has been "tinkered with, kicked around, and field-tested for over thirty years. It has introduced thousands to the game. The course is fun and it works!" The key word in this description (and in A Taste of Bridge) is 'fun,' and this is emphasized throughout the course, which opens with a quick reminiscence of playing a childhood card game called War, a "game of tricks" much like bridge. As basic terminology is explained, formal and informal methods of picking partners reviewed, and bridge 'tricks' covered, readers enjoy black and white images peppered into a lively discussion of the game's objectives and intricacies: "Look at the cards again. Couldn't you have guessed right away that South would win the trick, simply because she happened to hold the highest card? Yes, but it isn't just South who wins. North wins as well, because North and South are partners." As simple terminology and the basics of the game evolve into more complex topics, readers are treated to vigorous discussions that clarify the underlying meaning and fun routines of bridge. Plenty of introductions and advanced strategy guides to bridge are on the market but if new players seek an energetic survey designed to add fun into the game, then there's no better introduction to turn to than A Taste of Bridge, which offers fine insights in an accessible, entertaining manner. &mdash D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review 09/06/2017

Jeff Bayone is the owner of Honors Bridge Club and has been teaching bridge for more than 40 years.

Paperback: 215 pages: 2017