8 Ways to Improve Your Game in 2021

8 Ways to Improve Your Game in 2021

Posted by Baron Barclay on Jan 6th 2021

Show up to your in-person games (when it's safe to do so) in 2021 with new skills and tools. We want to impress our opponents and inspire our partners.

Here's how to get started:

BridgeBee (n.) - an app allowing users to purchase curated practice hands from renowned authors. The guided walkthroughs are far more interactive than books, with nothing on the market like it.

2021 Times Bridge Calendar - A great way to make sure you practice everyday. The Times Bridge day-to-day calendar is based on Andrew Robson's acclaimed daily bridge column. Here he presents over 300 bridge problems for enthusiasts of all levels, with Fridays reserved for less experienced players, and the remaining days of the week providing a potpourri of bridge gems. You will look forward to your new hand each morning!

Better Bridge Magazine - Take your game to the next level with this bi-monthly magazine. Each issue features in-depth articles on bidding, play, and defense by Audrey Grant, David Lindop, and many top-ranked players and writers. The topics are practical, so you can use what you read at the bridge table immediately. Learn and practice concepts in the play and defense articles with carefully constructed deals. Use the accompanying quiz to the Modern Bidding column to test your knowledge and understanding. New subscriptions will start with the next unreleased issue.

Duplicate Cards - These are the perfect way to practice if you have three people to play with in your household. Get a discount on 3 or more decks! 

Note: you and three friends can get the same deck and play together over Zoom!

Bridge Baron 29 - Bridge Baron is king when it comes to features. Choose your conventions, level of play, bidding system and more. Play against real live people or the ultra intelligent award-winning bots. It's easy to see why this software is our most popular. Only available as a download.

Bidding Flash Cards by Marti Ronemus - A Great way to study by yourself or with your partner!

Note: Marti Ronemus also has many interactive practice hands available on BridgeBee.

Recommended Reading - If reading up on a specific topic is how you learn best, we have hundreds of books for you to choose from!

Frank Stewart's Daily Bridge Column - Frank's daily column offers seasoned players tips and tricks to improve their game, entertaining readers as it instructs them. The column is posted daily on our website.