Best-Selling Books of 2021

Best-Selling Books of 2021

Posted by Baron Barclay on Dec 29th 2021

Scroll down to see which bridge books were most popular this year!

Audrey Grant's Bridge Basics Bundle

2 Over 1 Game Force by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell

Bidding in the 21st Century and the rest of the ACBL Bridge Series

Basic Bridge Quick Reference Deck by the Saint Petersburg Bridge Club

The 2/1 Workbook and Quick Reference Deck by the Saint Petersburg Bridge Club

All three Larry Teaches Modern Bidding workbooks by Larry Cohen

Barbara's Bridge Tips by Barbara Seagram

The Intermediate Cheat Sheet by Barbara Seagram and the other Cheat Sheet pamphlets

Two Over One in a Nutshell by Dee Berry

The Biggest Little Bridge Book in the World By Jim Becker

Conventions at a Glance by Pamela and Matthew Granovetter

Coming Back to Bridge by Paul Goldfinger

Duplicate Decisions and the Club Director's Bundle