Bridge: Faux Pas

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"Let Me Count The Ways"

Author: Joe Blatnick

There can be no disputing the fact that the winner of a Bridge match is the pair or team who perform well under pressure &ndash much like the winner of a tennis match is the one who has made the fewest unforced errors. Admittedly there is some luck involved in both. However, the winning Bridge player is not necessarily the one who can perform those feats of magic like, end plays, squeezes, etc. The winning Bridge player doesn't impress with such flamboyance. The winning Bridge player is the one who plays steadily and makes only a fraction of those blunders which some players make over and over again. The need for spectacular plays arises only spasmodically. The need for steady play is constant. This book will put you on the road to success by helping you to eliminate those costly, recurring mistakes. It will make you a much sought-after partner.

Paperback: 142 pages: 2013