Bridge For Dummies- 4th Edition

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Author: Edwin Kantar
Bridge for Dummies is the winner of the 1997 Beginner-Intermediate ABTA Book Award!
Bridge, as any player will tell you, is simply the best card game ever. It's challenging--each hand presents a different set of conditions you must figure out and solve. It's very social--you play with a partner and two opponents. And best of all: It's fun.
Bridge For Dummies gives you a step-by-step explanation of the fundamentals of the game in terms you can understand. It walks you through the different aspects of bridge, featuring real-life examples, so that you can feel comfortable with the basics before you ever start to play. And if you're already experienced at the game, you'll discover a wealth of tips and hints that can make you a better player.

  • Covers playing bridge online
  • Includes updated websites and other resources
  • Gives you the latest bidding techniques, including ACOL
    Bridge For Dummies is the perfect guide for a beginner hoping to learn to play bridge as well as the seasoned player looking for new techniques and strategies.
    Paperback: 432 pages: 2013
      Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Part I: Beginning with Basic Notrump Play
    • Chapter 1: Going to Bridge Boot Camp
    • Chapter 2: Counting and Taking Sure Tricks
    • Chapter 3: Using Winning Trick Techniques at Notrump Play
    • Chapter 4: Outsmarting Your Opponents at Notrump Play
    • Part II: Playing the Hand in a Trump Contract
    • Chapter 5: Introducing Trump Suits
    • Chapter 6: Creating Extra Winners and Discarding Losers
    • Chapter 7: Setting Up the Dummy's Long Suit
    • Chapter 8: Getting Rid of Losers by Using the Dummy's Trump Cards
    • Part III: Bidding for Fun and Profit
    • Chapter 9: Starting with Bidding Basics
    • Chapter 10: Making a Successful Opening Bid
    • Chapter 11: Responding to an Opening Bid
    • Chapter 12: Rebidding by the Opener
    • Chapter 13: Rebidding by the Responder
    • Part IV: Forging Ahead with Advanced Bidding Techniques
    • Chapter 14: Creating Interference: Defensive Bidding
    • Chapter 15: Double Trouble: Doubling and Redoubling
    • Chapter 16: Hitting Hard: Slam Bidding 267
    • Part V: Playing a Strong Defense and Keeping Score
    • Chapter 17: Defending against Notrump Contracts
    • Chapter 18: Defending against Trump Contracts
    • Chapter 19: Playing Second Hand
    • Chapter 20: Wrapping Up with Scorekeeping
    • Part VI: Feeding Your Addiction to Bridge
    • Chapter 21: Joining Bridge Clubs and the Tournament World
    • Chapter 22: Playing Bridge on Your Computer and Online
    • Part VII: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Be a Better Bridge Partner
    • Chapter 24: Ten Great Bridge Resources
    • Appendix: Acol Bidding System
    • Index