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New from Bridgemate - Pocket Pager

Click here to view Baron Barclay's email introducing the new pager system.

A big screen, big button pager to receive director calls. All pagers require the Bridgemate Transmitter to work with the Bridgemate server system. The pocket pager comes with a holder, so you can put it on a belt or - as the name suggests - in a pocket. The user can set the pager to vibrate and/or play a sound when a director call comes in. The screen of the pocket pager is larger than that of the watch pager, as are the buttons and font size. The pocket pager works on one AAA battery, so when the pager runs out of power, simply replace the battery to get it up and running again.

Additional Information for Bridgmate Transmitter and Pagers:
The pager system helps the director respond quickly and discreetly to the relavant table and keeps all the players happy. This system works fully on-site, and does not need an internet connection or any extra software. To use the USB transmitter, simply insert it into a USB port on the computer running the Bridgemate Control Software. Every director that has a pager will receive calls from tables in need of assistance. Whenever a table requires a director, there is no longer any need to call out or stand up to attract attention &ndash everything happens silently, and the director arrives as soon as possible.

For more detailed information on the system, Click here to Access the Bridgemate User Manual