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New from Bridgemate - Watch Pager

Click here to view Baron Barclay's email introducing the new pager system.

A watch to receive director calls. All pagers require the Bridgemate Transmitter to work with the Bridgemate server system. This pager can be worn around your wrist, just like a regular watch. The user also has all the benefits of a regular watch, with the time close to hand. The user can set whether the watch should vibrate and/or play a sound when a TD call comes in. As a user, you'll never miss a call, because you're notified of them right there on your wrist. The watch pager runs on a rechargeable built-in battery a charger is provided with every pager. The watch pager is small, making it very convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Additional Information for Bridgmate Transmitter and Pagers:
The pager system helps the director respond quickly and discreetly to the relavant table and keeps all the players happy. This system works fully on-site, and does not need an internet connection or any extra software. To use the USB transmitter, simply insert it into a USB port on the computer running the Bridgemate Control Software. Every director that has a pager will receive calls from tables in need of assistance. Whenever a table requires a director, there is no longer any need to call out or stand up to attract attention &ndash everything happens silently, and the director arrives as soon as possible.

For more detailed information on the system, Click here to Access the Bridgemate User Manual