Camouflage- Waiting Bidding

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Author: Krzysztof Martens

The word "camouflage" comes from French and means camouflaging, masking, concealment, to cover tracks. In my opinion, in the 21st century it will be one of the main postulates in the modern bridge theory. Until now,bridge theoreticians, improperly, have disregarded the need of camouflage.I had an opportunity to watch pairs bidding without any partnership agreements, shooting off the cuff in a primitive way. Occasionally it was a shot right on target because it was consistent with the idea of camouflage.

Without much information derived from the bidding, defenders are at loss and finding the optimal opening lead is more difficult. This analysis should inspire conclusions. Our bidding tools should be used skilfully. In a situation when players do not required precise information to arrive at the final contract, such exchange of information should be limited to basic things. I think that modern systems are not constructed in compliance with the idea of camouflage.

Paperback: 175 pages: 2011