Cards With Gram

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Author: Janie Mohler

The picture book CARDS WITH GRAM will introduce 6 to 9 year olds to play cards with an ordinary deck of cards. After having the book read to them the child will be able and want to sit down with other children and/or adults and play a thinking game.

The reader will see and learn how to sort cards, name the suits, rank the cards, win tricks, shuffle, deal, how the dealer is chosen, which direction to deal, what order around the table players play their cards, what Sweetie the cat does, following suit, discarding and how to place played tricks on the table duplicate style from this picture book. When they later play the game, theyll find every hand is different increasing their inferential reasoning skills.

This introduction to card play will satisfy the adults desire for something interesting, pleasurable and of value to do with children in their lives while increasing the childs math and reasoning skills as this is a game of thinking and counting. A picture book to enjoy together and a game for a lifetime!

There are 28 watercolor illustrations of Drew, Madisonand Tray learning to play cards with their Grandma.

"This is not a book about bridge: It is simply designed to teach children about suits, the ranks of cards, and how to shuffle. Mohler even gives a tip on how to construct a simple card holder for children whose hands are too small to hold 13 cards. Cards with Gram is a simple way to teach anyone (even adults) the structure of a trick-taking game." - Paul Linxwiler, Book review from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin Magazine, Nov. 2010 issue.