ACBL Jewelry

ACBL Jewelry

Here is a beautifully crafted collection of precious metal jewelry. Created expressly for the A.C.B.L, cast in sterling silver and richly plated in 18 karat gold, this line adheres to the most stringent standards for the manufacturing of fine jewelry.

We have a design for each level of achievement. Each design is available as a pendent/charm or as a lapel pin. The pendants weigh 3.5 grams and the pins way 2.3 grams. All items are finished in yellow gold except the Silver Life Master, which is plated in white gold.

Actual size of the pendant is approximately 7/8" in diameter, about the size of a quarter. The pin is about 5/8" in diameter, or slightly smaller than a dime.

The Diamond Life Master pieces are set with a 5-point diamond.

Shipping and handling is $12.95. These items do not qualify for UPS 2 day or UPS overnight shipping. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Sorry, no discount on these items.