Clever Plays In The Trump Suit

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Author: David Bird

An intermediate-level discussion of declarer play, this book focuses on the power of the trump suit. Its subjects include trump timing - should you draw all the defenders' trumps straight away, some of their trumps, or perhaps perform some other vital task first? - and situations where you need to unblock in the trump suit or to put a defender on lead with a trump. The reader will learn how to make maximum use of the entries provided by the trump suit, and how to perform a trump safety play or a trump avoidance play. Two other important topics are how to make your contract against a bad trump break and how you can survive a forcing attack on the long-trump holding.
Later chapters explain how to play contracts with fewer than eight trumps at your disposal, and also how to conjure extra tricks from the trump suit. Every couple of chapters or so, there is a 9-problem quiz section.
Paperback: 208 pages: March 2012

  • Chapter 1: Timing the Play of the Trump Suit
  • Chapter 2: Trump Safety Plays
  • Chapter 3: Timing Trumps to Combine Chances
  • Quiz I: Trump Timing, Trump Safety Plays
  • Chapter 4: Trump Throw-in Plays
  • Chapter 5: Retaining Trump Control
  • Quiz II: Trump Throw-ins, Trump Control
  • Chapter 6: Using the Trump Suit for Entries
  • Chapter 7: Playing with Fewer than Eight Trumps
  • Quiz III: Trump Entries, Fewer than Eight Trumps
  • Chapter 8: Unblocking Plays in the Trump Suit
  • Chapter 9: Surviving a Bad Trump Break
  • Quiz IV: Trump Unblocks, Bad Trump Breaks
  • Chapter 10 : Accumulating Trump Tricks
  • Chapter 11: Avoidance Plays in the Trump Suit
  • Quiz V: Accumulating Trump Tricks,
  • Trump Avoidance