Close Encounters Book 2

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Author: Eric Kokish and Mark Horton

Close Encounters is a two-book series that describes some of the most memorable bridge matches of the last fifty years: amazing comebacks and down to the wire finishes provide insight into how the game has changed. BOOK 2 starts with Italy's losing a world title in bizarre fashion on the final board, and ends with the USA's nail-biting 2-IMP victory over France in Lyon in 2017.

Praise for Close Encounters Book 1:
This is the highlight reel for 30+ years of top-level bridge with play-by-play from two of the best in the business. Kokish and Horton have produced a fascinating narrative, covering not only bridge analysis and theory, but the characters who played these dramatic hands.
- Fred Gitelman, WBF World Grand Master and creator of Bridge Base Online

Paperback: 318 pages: 2018