Conventions, Defences And Countermeasures

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Author: Ron Klinger
Conventions are a vital element of bidding in bridge and, unless they are clearly and easily understood, they can be destructively dangerous. Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures explains each convention and covers in detail how it can be used and how it is often misused. Ron Klinger, one of the world&iquests top bridge teachers and authors is a brilliant exponent of the subject and has here produced the leading book of conventions &iquest no keen player should be without it.
Biographical Notes:
Ron Klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in world championships since 1976. An Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master, he has written over 60 books, some of which have been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Hebrew and Icelandic. He has created many new bridge ideas and devised a number of conventions. He lives in NSW, Australia.
Paperback: 177 pages: 2017 3rd Edition