Conventions In Competition

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Author: Gail Greenberg

This second book in a series on bidding is on competitive bidding. It covers basic nonconvention approaches, doubles, competitive conventions after partner opens the bidding and competitive conventions after the opponents open the bidding. Practice exercises help you learn.

    Table of Contents
  • Law of total tricks
  • Takeout Doubles
  • Overcalls
  • Responding to Partner's Opening Bid after a Takeout Double or Overcall
  • Responding to Partner's Opening Bid after Notrump or Weak Jump Shift Overcalls
  • Rebids by Opener
  • Cue Bids in Competition
  • Balancing
  • Negative Double
  • Responsive Doubles
  • Support Doubles and Redoubles
  • Game Tries in Compettion and Maximal Doubles
  • Lead Directing Doubles
  • The Forcing Pass
  • Cooperative Slam Doubles
  • Lebensohl over Notrump
  • Jordan
  • The "Do We Have a Club Stooper (after the opponents double Stayman)?" Convention
  • rescue Transfers
  • McCabe over Weak Two Bids
  • Unusual Notrump
  • Michaels Cue Bid
  • Lebensohl over Weak Two Bids
  • Rosenkranz
  • Cappelletti
  • DONT
  • Landy

Spiral bound 186 pages: 2004