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This CD Version 6.0 has a super fast new function for determining makeable contracts ... over TEN TIMES FASTER! The newer your computer, the faster it will work.


Powerful, well-established program with many valuable features. Interface with the included analytical engine of Deep Finesse provides analytical studies never before practical. The numerous professional printouts available have made the program a favorite of users world-wide. Endorsed by Eric Rodwell, Paul Soloway, Larry Cohen, Shawn Quinn and many others.


For TEACHERS: Dealmaster Pro is a complete organizational tool. Teachers save hours preparing classroom materials. The deal generator creates illustrative deals in a jiffy. Users build an easily accessible file of favorite deals, complete with the user's own commentary. Numerous options enable creation of professionally formatted printouts. Endorsed by the ACBL Education Department. Special citation by the American Bridge Teachers Association.


For PLAYERS and ANALYSTS: The deal generator/simulator ... the most powerful and versatile available ... enables players to generate deals to virtually any specifications for bidding practice and convention analysis. Generated deals can be analyzed by Deep Finesse for unique statistical summaries of trick taking potential and best opening leads.


For CLUBS: Dealmaster Pro's popular HAND RECORD now includes a revolutionary option to display MAKEABLE CONTRACTS for each deal. DM Pro can also create files for dealing machines Duplimate and Autodealer.


For WRITERS: All the above options plus a function to create perfectly formatted files for Microsoft Word and for Word Perfect.


Easy to read screens and numerous Help topics make DM Pro simple to learn and operate.
NEW extensive Audio files make learning easier than ever!


(The analytical engine of Deep Finesse is made availble to DM Pro users by Deep Finesse's author even if that program is not installed. For users who have Deep Finesse installed, the interactive functions of DF can be be opened easily for a deal in Dealmaster Pro.)


Sytem Requirements:CD Rom drive. Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7/8/ 8.1.
60 MB Hard Drive space.


Version 6.0