Do You Really Know When To Open 1NT-Audio Lesson

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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
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Many players would tell you this is easy. If you have 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand, you open 1NT. If you don't meet both of those requirements, you open in a suit. Case closed!
Sorry, but Marty begs to differ. There is a lot more to this. Take a look at the following hands. What would you open? Marty thinks the correct answer is logical, but he believes that many players would do the wrong thing.

Hand 1 : &spadesQJ2 &heartsQJ2 &diamsQJ32 &clubsKQJ

This is a balanced hand with 15 HCP (on the surface). If you would open 1NT with this, Marty's best advice is: "Don't tell anyone, and hope that you never pick up this hand." This pile of garbage is NOT worth 1NT. The correct opening bid is 1&diams.

Hand 2 : &spadesAQ &heartsAQ98 &diams109542 &clubsKJ

This hand has two doubletons, so it is not "balanced." The correct description for 5-4-2-2 distribution is "semi-balanced." But if you open 1&diams and partner responds 1&spades, a 1NT rebid would show a minimum opening bid. Therefore, Marty hopes YOU would correctly open 1NT and avoid a rebid problem.

Of course, most hands are not as obvious as these two. Marty hopes you will join him in taking a closer look at this important topic. This lesson will definitely improve your "open 1NT or not?" judgment. The many topics he will discuss include the following:

  • Why 1NT should be your favorite opening bid
  • What experts recommend for hands with a 5-card major
  • When you should open 1NT with a 6-card minor
  • When you should open 1NT with two doubletons
  • How seat and vulnerability affect borderline hands
  • Should you go with the field?

Marty will discuss how to correctly evaluate your HCP and distribution so you will be able to determine which hands are:

  • too weak to open 1NT
  • too strong to open 1NT
  • the right strength to open 1NT

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