Good 2/1 Gf Bidding- Part 2- Audio Lesson

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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
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A 2/1 GF response gets your partnership off to a great start. But based on what I continue to see, it does NOT ensure that a pair will have a good auction or get to a good contract. Unless your partnership has good agreements about the meaning of the followups, too often you will NOT get to the right contract.
The following MUST be discussed, and that's what this lesson is all about.
A. Go slowly with good hands.
Jump bids should NOT occur often.
But when is a descriptive jump bid needed
to tell partner what he needs to know?
B. Slam bidding
What are the 12 essential commandments that can enable you
to get to good slam contracts and avoid bad ones?
C. What should happen after a game forcing 2&clubs response to 1&diams?
The followups needed here are very different
than what you do after an opening bid in a major.
D. What should you do when an opponent interferes with your 2/1 GF auction?
E. How can you effectively interfere with your opponent's 2/1 GF auction?
F. After a 1NT response
Whether your 1NT response to a major is forcing or semi-forcing,
what MUST you know about these auctions that your peers do NOT know?
Once you carefully go through Marty's 67 practical carefully-explained examples,
you will be able to reach excellent contracts that your peers will miss.

      In this lesson, Marty will explain:


  • The 12 secrets of good slam bidding after a 2/1 GF response.
  • How to use and understand asking vs. telling bids when exploring for 3NT.
  • The key to getting to good minor-suit slams.
  • The rare hands that warrant a jump to 3NT.
  • How to intelligently bid slams when you have a void.
  • The highly recommended rebid structure for opener after 1&diams-2&clubs.
  • The little-known logical continuations after a quantitative 4NT bid.
  • An innovative way for opener to avoid rebid problems.
  • The right mindset to cause your opponents to go astray on their 2/1 GF auctions.
  • How to understand and use forcing passes to overcome enemy interference.
  • A little-known but easy-to-use convention that is essential for good slam bidding.
  • How to determine when it is correct to play in 5 of a minor.

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