How To Compete After Your RHO Doubles-Audio Lesson

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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
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Knowing what to do after your partner opens and your right hand opponent (RHO) doubles is far from trivial.
In some situations, you should ignore the double and take the same action you would have made if your RHO had passed.
However, at other times, that is not the case.
In fact, because the meaning of certain calls is very different from the way they are defined in a non-competitive auction, there is a lot more to this topic that many players realize.

Every partnership must also be on their toes regarding conventions.
After an opponent's takeout double, many conventions should not apply.
However, experience has demonstrated that many players are unable to answer the $64,000 question:
What is on, and what is off?

Marty will discuss the following topics:

  • What's the key? HCP or distribution?
  • Which conventions are now off?
  • Which conventions are still on?
  • Which bids retain their usual meaning?
  • Which bids have a very different meaning?
  • How does "redouble" affect responder's actions?
  • How weak should you be for a weak jump shift (WJS) or weak jump raise (WJR)?
  • What 5-star convention is greatly under-appreciated?.

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