Jeff Meckstroth Presents Defensive Communications

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Author: Andrew Garnett
Basic Defensive Communications (was Leads & Signals) is written for the beginner through the intermediate bridge skill level that wants to learn how to communicate and think like the pros during the defense!
It is split into two sections, Basics and Advanced, so the reader can go at their own pace, adding more and more to their defensive arsenal as they progress as a Bridge player.
The fundamentals presented in this book are a must for EVERY Bridge player.
What You Will Learn from Defensive Leads & Signals
Opening Leads:

  • Suit and card selection vs. NT contracts
  • Suit and card selection vs. Suit contracts
  • Rule of Eleven
  • Passive Defense
  • Aggressive Defense
  • Clues from the Bidding
  • Clues from the Dummy
  • Figuring Out Declarer's Plan
  • Signaling Attitude, Count and Suit Preference
  • How and When to Switch Signals
  • Special Cases
  • Step-by Step Examples and Exercises
  • Hints from Jeff Meckstroth
  • And much, much more

New Honor and Count Leads:

  • Coded 9's and 10's, Rusinow
  • 3rd and 5th leads
  • Rule of Ten and 12
  • Upside Down Count and Attitude
  • Odd / Even Discards
  • Lavinthal Discards
  • Trump Suit Preference
  • Reverse Smith Echo
  • Various Other Signals and Echoes

Paperback: 116 pages: 2016