Major Suit Raises

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Author: Andrew Garnett

A BridgeCentric Book
Major Suit Raises will teach you how to show three-card junk, invitational, and game-forcing raises as well as four-card preemptive, mixed, limit, game-forcing raises, all in or out of competition. You will also learn how to show four-card raises as the opener all while describing the strength of your hand accurately. You will learn how to count support points, Wolff Signoff, opener and responder's Splinter bids, and the Mini-Splinter!

What You Will Learn from Major Suit Raises


  • Three-Card Raises
  • Wolff Signoff
  • Three-Card Raises With Interference
  • Four-Card Raises
  • The Opener's Simple Raise
  • The Opener's Invitational Raises
  • The Opener's Game-Forcing Raises
  • Opener's Major Suit Raises In Competition
  • Responding To A Raise
  • Practice and Play Hands
Paperback: 109 pages: 2016