Matchpoint Offense: Kick it up a Notch

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Matchpoint Offense - Kick it up a Notch guides you as a declarer to see and play hands like an expert. This next-level skill allows you to get an extra trick on many hands - pure gold in duplicate competition. Your scores will move right up to compete with the best at your club.The first section of the book is about excellent declarer play. There are topics like: Avoiding Finesses, Endplays, Squeezes, Trump Coups, Developing Long Suits, and Removing Blockages. You are guided to evaluate the bidding, the opening lead, and the dummy on every hand. You will have your plan scoped out before the call for the first card from dummy. Each topic is illustrated with example hands, mostly from real competition with real scoring.The second section is unique. This section builds your skill in visualizing the key problem or opportunity in a hand when you first see the dummy. Its like facial recognition in crime drama. You see a pattern and the pattern guides you to plan your playin the best way.The third section is a lot of fun. It is a 24-board duplicate tournament of real hands with real scoring. You get to be the declarer on every hand. The authors challenge you to set the proper goal for the hand, stimulate you to define the key elements of play, and then guide you to successfully getting that extra trick. The extra trick may allow you to make the contract, or it may allow you to get an overtrick. Whichever, it is the extra trick that moves you up the leader board to score among the top-rated players in your club.