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Mike's Advice offers 333 common but frustrating bidding problems. Possible answers to each question are considered. What makes one answer stand out from the others? Mike's Advice emphasizes judgment and refers to conventions when one is appropriate. As much as possible, the bidding method used is standard bidding.

The bidding problems are divided into 24 chapters, these include:

  • Problems of the opening bidder.
  • Responding to a takeout double.
  • Finding the best rebid when partner makes a one-level response.
  • Responding to an opening bid.
  • Responder's second bid.
  • The material in Mike's Advice is important for new and aspiring players and it will be an excellent review for experienced players.

    One of the hardest things to do is to get in tune with your partner's bidding. The questions in Mike's Advice will help you do that. If your partnership is out of sync on many of these problems, this will be an opportunity to fine-tune your agreements and perhaps some of the methods you use.

    Among the conventions used in Mike's Advice:

  • Jacoby 2NT response to one of a major opening bid.
  • Jordan 2NT bid when RHO doubles partner's one-of-a-major bid.
  • Raising partner when RHO doubles one of a minor.
  • Drury, one of the best kept secrets of bidding.
  • Responsive Doubles.

    "Excellent material for newer players." - Brent Manley, Editor, ACBL Bridge Bulletin&nbsp

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  • Mac OS 10