One Trick At A Time: How To Start Winning At Bridge

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Author: Jim Jackson

This is not a book for players who win regularly at their local bridge club - it is for those who don't, but would like to. The author does not claim to be a top-level expert, and admits that he made many mistakes on his way to earning the coveted title of Life Master. This book is intended to help others avoid those same mistakes, and to learn from those that they do make. Written in a conversational, non-technical style, this is a book that will help any intermediate player become a better bidder, a better declarer, a better defender, and a better partner - the recipe for becoming a winner.
Paperback: 168 pages: February 2012

  • Chapter 1: Secrets of Successful Bidding 11
  • Chapter 2: Darned Good Declarer Play
  • Chapter 3: Decent Defense
  • Chapter 4: Pairs Games vs. Team Games
  • The Matchpoint Difference
  • Chapter 5: You Cant Do it Alone
  • The Lecturer
  • The Mentor
  • The Critic
  • The Ideal Partner
  • The Incompatible Partner
  • Multiple Partners (Good or Bad?)
  • Last Word on Partnerships
  • Chapter 6: Try These