Overcalling Opponent's 1NT

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Author Ken Rexford

Ken Rexford has developed an intriguing new approach to overcalling 1NT openings that may revolutionize this area of bridge. If you are unhappy with Cappelletti, DONT, Brozel, and the like, this book introduces you to a new approach for tackling the opponent's 1NT opening, with an entirely new way to handle one or two-suited hands. Can your current approach tell partner whether you have a strong or a weak overcall at the two-level? Can you tell partner which suit of your major-or-a-minor is longer? Can you identify the specific minor with your major, again at the two-level? All of these are possible using Ken Rexford's methods. Imagine describing more hands than the Woolsey defense handles, all with easy but novel methods that fit (unlike Woolsey) into the ACBL's General Convention Chart!
You can also use these methods to improve your response structure to your own openings and in other auctions. For example, after a Four Diamond overcall of partner's Two Clubs opening, you can bid any new suit as a natural one-suiter, use double as cooperative, and yet still have the room needed to describe any specific two-suiter, without bypassing the game level. Impossible? Not with this new technique. Can you show one or both minors and slam interest after a 2NT opening, and tell partner which specific minor you have, at the three-level? Yes, using Rexford's methods.
Paperback: 96 pages: 2012

  • Chapter 1: Good-Bad for One of Both Majors Over Notrump
  • The Basic Structure For Differentiating Weak from Intermediate
  • More About the Weak Two Clubs Overcall
  • Other Uses for Clubs as One of Both Majors
  • Chapter 2: Crunched Cappelletti
  • Advancers Options with Game Interest
  • Overcallers Options with Independent Game Interest
  • Why Use Crunch Cappelletti?
  • Other Uses for Crunched Cappelletti
  • Chapter 3: Spades for One or Both Minors to Overcall 1NT
  • Using Spades for One or Both Minors to Overcall 1NT
  • Other Uses for Spades for One or Both Minors
  • Chapter 4: Other Two-Under Situations
  • Escaping 1NT Doubled
  • Responding to Two Notrump Openings
  • Responding to One Notrump Openings