Overheard Vol. 1, Hand Evaluation

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Author: Marilyn Shelton

Volume 1 of this 3 part series. Learn the theory behind opening bids in first and second seat using two hand-evaluation techniques, Klinger count and losing trick count. This 50-page book provides step-by-step explanations, examples, and practice problems that will give the average player an edge over the opponents. This book is a foundation for "Third and Fourth Seat Bidding" which is an intermediate/advanced topic for more serious students. Ms Shelton draws from her math background, publishing, study with two grand masters, play, teaching and coaching experience to pull together a four-part series on bridge. Each book builds upon the previous one by giving the student incremental steps to learning advanced bridge systems. Volume 1, "Hand Evaluation" teaches the reader two basic tools &hellip an opening hand formula and Losing Trick Count and is a suggested prerequisite (but not absolutely necessary) to Volume 2. Beginner to Intermediate

Paperback: 60 pages: September 2016