Responder's Rebid-Audio Lesson

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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
Marty's audio visual format significantly enhances your learning experience:

  • The combination of voice and visual effects makes it easier to understand what Marty is teaching.
  • The lesson is interactive, so students "learn by doing."
  • You can proceed at your own pace.
  • You can play and replay all or some of the lesson whenever you choose as many times as you like.
  • The lesson includes a written transcript for you to study. The transcript format has been improved for increased readability.
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  • The lesson contains several hours of extensive material.
  • The lesson is designed to work on most popular computers and browsers, including Windows, Mac, and iPad.

A 1-level response in a suit is not very descriptive.
Responder is promising at least 4 cards in his suit with 6+ points.

A 1H response could be based on a very weak hand, such as:
&spades86 &heartsJ753 &diamsK72 &clubsQ764

However, responder also might have a terrific hand, such as:
&spades (void) &heartsAK9864 &diamsKJ2 &clubsAKJ4

Without question, the 1-level response is one of the most ambiguous bids in bridge.
The opening bidder does not know much about his partner's hand.
Therefore, at responder's second turn, he MUST make a descriptive bid.

The bottom line here is:

After a 1-level response in a suit, responder's rebid is the key bid in the auction.

In this lesson, Marty will discuss:

  • How to deduce what opener holds.
  • How opener's first two bids affect the evaluation of your hand.
  • How to correctly resolve close decisions.
  • How to improve your bidding judgment.
  • What responder needs to reverse.
  • 4th Suit Forcing - the absolutely essential convention for all levels.

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