Right Through The Pack Again

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Author: Ron Klinger
Right Through the Pack is the cowinner of the 2009 IBPA Book of the Year!

Right Through The Pack (A Bridge Fantasy) by Robert Darvas and Norman de V Hart was published in 1948 and the idea of each card in the pack telling its own story was an instant hit. It is on virtually every magazines and players list of the top ten bridge books of all time and has become a bridge classic.

This new book follows the original but also continues the story of the Old Master, a character featured in a series of articles Ron wrote for The Bridge World magazine. The Old Master managed to snatch victory from impossible-seeming situations but in the final article, Last Hurrah, he collapsed and died... or did he? In Right Through The Pack Again the cards strive to keep the Old Master alive. Each card tells its own tale and how it was the key feature in a particular hand. Not only will you be enchanted by the deals, but you will also learn more about why the Old Master has lost the zest for life. Will the cards be able to restore his desire to live?

The Old Master lives... Or does he?


Paperback, 222 pages, 2008