Skwoosh Gel Cushion

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The SKWOOSH POSTURE COMFORT cushion with TekPad FLUIDIZED GEL and AIR-FLO3D breathable fabric provides posture enhancing comfort from the stress of sitting. The comfort cushion helps support posture by placing more gel in the rear of the cushion to encourage a slight forward position. The fluidized gel flows with body movement to help maintain circulation and provide pressure relief while seated. The POSTURE COMFORT cushion is ideal for sitting At the bridge table!. It has a nonskid bottom surface to keep it in place and a low profile so it is inconspicuous in use.

SKWOOSH is made in the USA and is guaranteed for workmanship and performance.


LOW PROFILE DESIGN - Discreet in transport and in use
PORTABLE - Built-in handles - easy to carry
CUSHIONING - Patented TekPad gel cradles your sitz bones so you can SIT longer in comfort
COMFORTABLE - Pressure relief maintains circulation and prevents numbness and discomfort
DURABLE - All welded seams & no stitch construction - WATERPROOF
NO MAINTENANCE - Stain resistant
MADE IN USA - Guaranteed Workmanship - Guaranteed Performance


Model# PC2435
Weight: 13 oz.
Color: Black
Open: 16"W x 13"L x 7/8"H
Folded: 8"W x 13"L x 2"H
Made in USA - Guaranteed Performance and Guaranteed Workmanship