Slam Bidding Made Easier

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Author: Marty Bergen
This new paperback version includes many brand-new helpful slam bidding tips that were not available in the 2008 hardcover.
Guranteed to do wonders for your bridge game, this book shows you the right way to size up your hand and get to good slams that other players won't get to.

    Some things explained:
  • The wrong time to bid 4NT, and the right time to bid 4 NT.
  • Conventions worth playing and others you must avoid.
  • The one things you must know about slam bidding.
  • How to get good slams with less than 30 HCP.
  • The best way to proceed after bidding Jacoby 2NT.
  • Voids and Blackwood: there is an answer.
  • How to know what your hand is really worth.

Also, be sure to order the companion workbook #5235 - Better Slam Bidding with Bergen loaded with valuable tips for slams.
Paperback: 240 pages: September 2008
Second Printing April 2018