Vu-Bridge: Spotlight On Card Play- Interactive Play Book

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by Robert Darvas & Paul Lukacs
For the advanced player.
A bridge "Classic", first published in 1956. But it was made for Vu-Bridge! Really. This book is designed to turn moderately good bridge players into expert players of the cards, by use of novel and entertaining method.
The Hungarian authors - the late Robert Darvas and his close friend and collaborator over the years, Paul Lukacs - were long ago ranked among the finest, most original card analysts Europe has produced. By means of a lively 'question-and-answer' method they demonstrate most tellingly the way the expert mind tackles the playing of all manner of hands, detecting hidden snags in some that look simple and finding solutions to others that are packed with difficulties and obstacles.
Think of Darvas and Lukacs as spotlighing the expert's psychological tricks of the trade to show how he gets to make what appear to be his seemingly uncanny insight in finding the right technical device to use on each occasion. The reader who cooperates with the authors in the playing of these 69 hands can hardly fail to find life at once fuller and easier next time he sits down at a bridge table.
The deals in this book are perfectly suited for the Vu-Bridge interactive format. Instead of just reading about a bridge hand you get to actually play it. The "think and click" feature allows you to learn as you play and you will be amazed at how much more enjoyable this format can be.
Has 69 hands for you to practice.

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