Still Not Finding Squeezes?

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Author: Julian Laderman

    If your answer is 'YES' to the following three questions, this is the PERFECT book for you:
  • 1. Have you read A Bridge to Simple Squeezes?
  • 2. Did you see merit in the structured approach introduced in that book for executing simple squeezes?
  • 3. Do you feel that in spite of your great effort you are still not finding squeezes?

In this book, Still Not Finding Squeezes?, the structured approach is applied to the 39 squeeze examples that David Bird and Tim Bourke created for their book, Test Your Bridge Technique: The Simple Squeeze. These examples will give you the experience you need to include squeezes in your arsenal.



  • Purpose of this book
  • Quick review of strong threat cards
  • Definitions
  • The really big questions
  • The most common error
  • Presentation
  • Squeeze types and techniques
  • Recognizing potential squeezes


End Positions


  • General comments about the 39 examples
  • Squeezes in the real word
  • Squeezes at double dumby (not a misspelling)
  • Advanced books on squeezes

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Paperback: 159 pages: October 2011