The Major Two Diamonds

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Author: Andrew Lee
    Incorporating The Major Two Diamonds convention into your partnership agreement, an opening bid of two diamonds promises the following hand type:
  • 6/4 holding in the majors
  • The six-card suit can be either spades or hearts
  • 10 - 15 HCP
  • The HCP count excludes possible wasted values in either of the minor suits i.e.
  • Singleton king
  • Doubleton queen
  • All jacks
  • When giving HCP count in the subsequent bidding, exclude all possible wasted values
  • HCP should be concentrated in both majors

  • Responding with a bust hand
  • Responding with a game invitational hand
  • Fast arrival
  • Bidding the awkward in-between hand types
  • Responding with a game forcing hand
  • Slam tries
  • Suggested defences to The Major Two Diamonds convention

Paperback: 156 pages: 2010