The World Of Transfers

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Author: Krzysztof Martens
    In competitive bidding you are often short of bids to express all the necessary information. Transfers are a remedy to this problem. An advantage of a transfer bids by responder, after intervention, is that the opener can become declarer. With a weak hand, responder may pass after partner has accepted the transfer. He may also invite a game or force to game. There are other advantages, which I describe in the book. These are the main topics:
  • Transfers after a one-level overcall
  • Transfers after a Michaels cue bid
  • Transfers after partner's overcall followed by a one-level response
  • Peculiar transfer to 1NT
  • Transfers after partner's 1NT opening is overcalled
  • Transfers after 1club/diamond openings and an opponent's overcall showing both majors
  • Defence against a preemptive 3 club opening
  • Defence against a preemptive 3 heart opening

Paperback: 241 pages: 2011