Vu-Bridge: Thinking Bridge 2- Interactive Play Book

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by Eddie Kantar
Thinking Bridge 2 by Eddie Kantar - 50 deals for intermediate players
Eddie Kantar has, without doubt, written many words of wisdom and continues to do so. In this second tome of Thinking Bridge, Eddie explains thoroughly the rationale behind many of the "rules" that the average player may have heard about but not fully understood.
Here is an example (from Hand 48): "Short suit leads become quite an attractive lead when you hold trump control such as A x (x) or K x x in trumps. The reason for this is if the ruff cannot be immediately obtained, the opening leader at least remains with a trump entry and may still be able to put partner in to obtain that ruff."
Translation (Editor): do NOT lead a doubleton against a suit contract unless you have trump control (or your partner has bid that suit).
Translation (for partner): when the lead is an obvious doubleton and you hold the Ace, DUCK the first trick if possible with an encouraging high spot-card! Your partner will regain the lead with a trump (his trump control), and use his second card to put you on lead for the fatal ruff&hellip
"Hands are really good and the Vu-Bridge "translation" done by Andy Hung is superb!"

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