Variable Strong One No Trump

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Author: Andrew Garnett
A BridgeCentric Book
This book teaches a variable Strong One No Trump system with 14-16HCP, 15-17HCP and 15-18HCP ranges and utilizes a 2 spade size-asking bid which increases the number of conventions and treatments that can be played so any hand you hold becomes easier to represent in the auction . You will learn all the basics like Stayman, Jacoby transfers, minor-suit transfers, RKC 3014, and Gerber, as well as Baze, Smolen, minor-suit Stayman, two-suited Key Card, Lebensohl and Transfer Lebensohl.
Some of these conventions are advanced, this shouldn't scare you away from them. Learn and apply what you can to one convention at a time and when you master that convention, move on to the next. Remember that Bridge is a game of mistakes and when anyone learns something new, mistakes will be made, conventions and treatments will be forgotten. Mistakes represent learning moments, embrace them.
Table of Contents

  • The Variable Strong 1NT
  • Jacoby and Texas Transfers
  • The Many forms of Stayman
  • The 2 Spade Size Ask
  • The 2NT Transfers to Diamonds
  • 3 Diamond As 5/5 In The Majors
  • Slam-Going Bids
  • Interference After A Response to 1NT
  • Lebensohl
  • More On Minors
  • More On Slam Bidding
  • Basic Transfer Lebensohl

Paperback: 156 pages: 2017