Vu-Bridge Beginner's Bundle

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Bundle of the Starter Kit, V-Blue Beginner levels 1 + 2, and Quiz Beginner

Total Value: $199.75

Bundle Price: $99.95

That's $100 in savings!

If you have a current subscription to any of the Vu-Bridge products in the Vu-Bridge Bundle, your subscriptions for those products will be extended for a year past the current expiration date.


Starter Kit (normally $39.90 per year)

Interactive bridge hands and lessons for the absolute beginner.

More than 100 hands in a progressive learning curve to play at your own pace.

Beginner Levels 1 & 2 (normally $49.95 each per year)

Level 1: Interactive bridge hands for new beginners.

Level 2: Interactive bridge hands for beginners.

Bidding Quiz Library (normally $59.95 per year)

There are 11 lessons containing 10 quizzes each. Each quiz contains 5 or 6 questions. For a total of 550-660 total questions. The quiz library is accessible online as a set of quizzes.