Vu-Bridge Bidding Quiz Library

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Accurate bidding is clearly the most important part of your bridge skills: a team cannot achieve good results when its players arrive in the wrong contracts!

When is a bid forcing, or not?
How to judge if you have the values for a slam
How to avoid bidding slams with a cashable ace-king outstanding
How to counter opponents' preempts. particularly weak-two openings
How to make opponents' life awkward by pre-empting more often
How to respond accurately to take-out doubles
Can you open 1 or 2 Notrump with a 5-card Major?
And much more...

There are 11 lessons containing 10 quizzes each. Each quiz contains 5 or 6 questions. For a total of 550-660 total questions. The quiz library is accessible online as a set of quizzes. 

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Edited by the famous author David Bird*, this collection is a revised, augmented  and topic-sorted collection of hundreds and hundreds of quizzes. They will help you and your partner bid better,  manage tricky bidding situations and get into the best contract more often.

*In 2022, David, together with Barbara Seagram, has won the "Book of the Year" award from the American Bridge Teachers Association.
This is the 10th ABTA award of his career!