Vu-Bridge: Two-Over-One Playbook: The Practical Approach

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by Rick and Val Covalciuc
For intermediate to advanced players.
There are many forms of the system being played with several different accompanying conventions. Val Covalciuc has assembled a practical approach for 2/1 players, to introduce you to a working system.

    The first seven sections comprise your basic bidding approach:
  • Forcing NT
  • Jacoby 2NT
  • Other major suit raises
  • 2/1 auctions
  • 1/1 auctions
  • Minor suit openings
  • Introduction to slam bidding.

If you are currently a standard player, you might wonder why you should adopt the 2/1 system. 2/1 has gained popularity because it allows you to bid the better hands slowly and the weaker hands quickly. Allowing more space to get to the best game or even slam translates into a winning bridge strategy.
There are 144 hands for you to practice.
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