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In this series with Robert Todd of Adventures in Bridge, you'll learn how to handle difficult decisions when the opponents get in your way. First, learn how to be a pesky opponent with good overcalls, and then learn how to cope with them using doubles and other tools. Stop getting frustrated by your opponents and take charge of the auctions.

Overcalls of Many Kinds - Everyone loves to bid their long suits. But sometimes bidding gets you into trouble. Make sure that you have what partner expects by tailoring your overcalls to different situations. Have your bid!

Doubles Early in the Auction - Takeout and Negative - The Double is your best friend when it comes to competing in the bidding. Learn to use the double (as both Interferer and Responder) to get into the auction with a variety of different distributions and strengths.  

Dealing with the Opponent's Preempts - Last month we look at how to preempt as often as possible and get away with it.  Now we look at our options for how we can best describe hands when the opponents attack us with a preemptive opening.  It's important to try to describe your hand as quickly as possible, before the auction gets too high.  

Is it forcing?  Make sure you and partner are on the same page. Do you ever make a bid that you think is forcing, only to have partner Pass. Sometimes a new suit is forcing and other times it is not. We look at how to determine when a bid shows a good hand and when it is strictly competitive.  

Duration: 1HR 30m

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