Welcome to Bridge Quick Reference Deck

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Introducing the sixth Quick Reference Deck, a special deck for newcomers to the game. Titled Welcome to Bridge, this new deck focuses on the fundamentals of the game.  If we want this game to survive, we have to make it easy for new players to master the basics. No matter how great teachers, books, and programs are, a learner needs a way to access the information easily and at a moment’s touch. If you can’t remember how Stayman works when you are at the table, looking it up in an book index, searching in Google, or emailing the teacher don’t work very well. The is the central problem that Welcome to Bridge and the other five Quick Reference Decks solve. They put information about a single topic (Stayman, Takeout Doubles, Blackwood, etc.) on a single 4 x 6” index card. The cards are highly portable, easy to access, and have plenty of room on each card for notes (in case, for example, you want to scratch out 1-3-5 and write in 1-2-3). What’s more, the system can grow by adding cards from other decks as the player’s skill level increases. We hope Welcome to Bridge will make learning the game easy with information that doesn’t intimidate. It’s a simple place to start.

-The St. Petersburg Bridge Club, Dar Webb