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Author: Krzysztof Martens

"If you're looking for a compact, yet comprehensive system of responding to partner's 1NT opening, this pamphlet should do the trick. Starting with modern expert practice to open 1NT (15-17) whenever reasonable, both for description and preemption the authors outline a simple but effective responding method, incorporating a bidding ladder as a very helpful visual aid. Because 1NT openings have high frequency, you will get a lot of usage out of this material.

"I became involved in this project because I met Jim Kaplan years ago on Martha's Vineyard where we golfed, played bridge, and spent evening s together with our spouses, all most enjoyable.

"Whether you have recently learned bridge, or just want to brush up on modern bidding, there is much helpful information between these covers."

-August Boehm, the author of 10 books, a staff writer for The Bridge World for 20 years, and a regular ACBL Bulletin columnist for 25.

Paperback: 21 pages: 2019