When To Bid,When To Pass

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Author: Ron Klinger

Many players know how to bid, but are less adept at deciding when not to bid this book shows how to finish in the right contract.

Many players bid too often and too much, but it can be profitable to know when to keep your mouth shut. From the opening bid to much later rounds of bidding, from uncontested sequences to highly competitive auctions, this book will provide the groundwork so that you will know when silence can be golden. Each chapter covers the principles that indicate when bidding is the right course, and then which call to choose, and when passing is the winning action.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: No interference by the opponents
  • Chapter 1 When to Open
  • Chapter 2 When to Reopen
  • Chapter 3 Opener's Rebid
  • Chapter 4 Responder's Rebid
  • Chapter 5 Beyond the Second Round of Bidding
  • PART 2: The opponents open
  • Chapter 6 Direct Overcalls
  • Chapter 7 Takeout Doubles
  • Chapter 8 In the Pass-out Seat
  • Part 3: Competitive auctions
  • Chapter 9 In the Part-Score Zone
  • Chapter 10 The Game Zone and Higher
Paperback: 144 pages: 2012

ISBN 13: 9780297867722