Modern Bridge Defense

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Author: Edwin Kantar
Modern Bridge Defense and Advanced Bridge Defense are the winners of the 1999 Intermediate-Advanced ABTA Book Award!
"Comprehensive, yet crystal clear, and full of Kantar's inimitable humor." - Paul Soloway, three-time World Champion
This book is intended to cover the basic concepts of bridge defense, and will undoubtedly be a standard reference work and teaching tool for many years to come. The topics covered here (which include leads, signaling, second and third-hand play, and discarding) are handled so thoroughly that even more advanced players will benefit from studying this book.Designed to be used by students learning on their own or by bridge teachers, this book contains a host of features that help the reader to grasp the material: clearly laid-out concepts, margin notes, practice hands, chapter-end quizzes, key-point summaries at regular intervals, and an index.
240 pages: 1999