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Official ACBL Licensee

We are the official Licensee of the ACBL which means we are the only place to shop for regulation tournament and club supplies. It also means we are the only bridge supply company that financially supports the ACBL's efforts to expand the game of bridge and pass it down to new generations for years to come. We are highly invested in keeping the game of bridge alive and kicking because, like you, we know it is the best game in the world. This is why we sponsor Youth for Bridge and projects like the "The Kid's Table" documentary.

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2022 Staff Picks

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Our Story

Founded in 1980, Baron Bridge Supply soon purchased Barclay's in New York and became the biggest bridge supply company around -- Baron Barclay. We proudly manufacture and retail quality bridge supplies and publish bridge books, including many that have won the ABTA Book of the Year Award. We enjoy talking to our customers over the phone and playing bridge in the afternoons. When you get your supplies from Baron Barclay you are supporting a small family owned and operated business. We are happy to serve the most wonderful game in the world.

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