Note about the 2023 Bridge Calendars: Unfortunately, the company that made the daily bridge calendar has chosen to discontinue that item, so that product is no longer available to us. Like you, we are very sad to see that item go.

If you are looking for an alternative, BridgeBee offers two email subscriptions with daily bridge hands for $9.95/month

  • Frank Stewart's Daily Column arrives to your inbox 7 days a week. Then you can play through Frank's hand on your phone, tablet, or computer with expert commentary from pro player Ben Norton. Click here to learn more about this subscription.
  • Marti's Mutterings is sent out every Monday-Friday with exclusive content from Marti Ronemus. Each email will feature a short letter from Marti and an interactive BridgeBee hand. Marti will guide you through each hand with the delightful commentary that she's known for, sure to entertain and maybe even teach you something too! Click here for a sample.

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