Marti's Mutterings Subscription Newsletter

Marti's Mutterings Subscription Newsletter

Posted by Marti Ronemus on Aug 17th 2023

Improving our bridge games is like eating an elephant... We need to do it one small bite at a time. And if it's done with humor and a refusal to take ourselves or the game too seriously, so much the better!

Marti's Mutterings: A bridge newsletter for the rest of us" does just that. Each Monday through Friday inboxes sizzle with a quirky essay on the meaning of life and bridge's place in it, followed by a mini-lesson and hand.

Slowly but surely Faithful Readers find their games improving as they see the underlying concepts of the game. Nothing to memorize! Just techniques to think through the bidding and the hand.

All this for only $9.99 a month or $107.90 a year - that’s 10% off! We should charge double. Maybe triple. Click here for a sample!


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