Jumbo ACBL Bridge Playing Cards - 12 Cellophane Wrapped Decks

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Elevate Your Card Game Experience with Jumbo Print Bridge-Sized Playing Cards!

Are you ready to take your card-playing experience to the next level? Introducing our Jumbo Print Bridge-Sized Playing Cards, a set of 12 high-quality decks that cater to not just bridge enthusiasts, but a wide array of card games including pinochle, euchre, canasta, spades, rummy, solitaire, and countless more.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Our Jumbo Print / Jumbo Index design offers unparalleled visibility to those with low vision. The larger numbers and letters make these cards a perfect choice for players who require that extra level of clarity and ease.

  • Vibrant Colors: Each set includes 12 decks in 5 vibrant colors - Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Grey. Enjoy the versatility of a variety of colors that suit your mood and enhance the visual appeal of your card games.

  • Universal Deck Configuration: Each deck adheres to the standard 52 cards plus two jokers, making them suitable for a wide range of card games. Whether you're playing classics or exploring new ones, these decks have you covered.

  • Long-Lasting Quality: Each deck is individually wrapped in protective cellophane packaging. This ensures your cards remain pristine and unmarked until you're ready to unleash your gaming skills.

  • Compatible with Dealing Machines: Our Jumbo Print Bridge-Sized Cards are built to be versatile. They perform seamlessly in dealing machines, ensuring a smooth and fair distribution of cards for both casual and competitive play.

  • Perfect for Duplicate Boards: Whether you're playing at home or in a tournament setting, these cards fit nicely on all duplicate boards. Enjoy the convenience of cards that complement your gameplay, every time.

Experience the satisfaction of crystal-clear visibility and exceptional quality with our Jumbo Print Bridge-Sized Playing Cards. Perfect for players of all skill levels, these cards are more than just a deck; they're your gateway to enjoyable card games. Don't compromise on your gaming experience - get your set today and immerse yourself in the world of cards, where every detail matters.

 Measurements 2-1/4" x 3 1/2".