25 Ways To Compete In Bidding

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Author: Barbara Seagram & Marc Smith

Aimed at the same novice/social player audience as their first book, this new title deals with auctions when both sides are bidding. This is the most complex area of bridge bidding and there hasn't been an easy-to-understand explanation for inexperienced readers until now.

    The topics covered in this book include:
  • Simple Suit Overcall
  • Raising Partner's Suit
  • Responding To Overcalls Without Support
  • Overcalls That Show Two Suits
  • Jump Overcalls
  • Takeout Doubles at the One Level
  • Responding to a Takeout Double
  • Later Bidding After a Takeout Double
  • Other Takeout Double Situations
  • Notrump Overcalls
  • RHO Bids Over a 1NT Overcall
  • Competing over 1NT
  • Doubling 1NT
  • Conventional Defenses to 1NT
  • Takeout Doubles of Weak Two Bids
  • Overcalling Weak Two Bids
  • Bidding Over 3-Level Openings
  • Bidding Notrump Over a Preemt
  • Bidding Over Other Preempts
  • Balancing - General Principles
  • Other Balancing Auctions
  • Forcing Passes
  • Locating Stoppers for Notrump
  • The Law of Total Tricks
  • Hand Evaluation